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Dreem Street is a "clothing line" co-founded with Matthew Chambers which often concerns itself with making hand-made prints on shirts. (2009-present)

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Spoiler Room is an audiovisual media collective from Portland, Oregon that organizes social events and dance parties as a site-specific “TV party”. The events are shot and mixed on analog video with a custom made portable SD TV studio, presented on Portland cable access, and as a video podcast. Documented episodes are hour long and generally revolves around a guest DJ or artist, shot in an ever changing setting.
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Free Spirit News is a collaborative free arts publication. (2012-present)
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Audio Dregs Recordings is a record label and music collective described as "experimental music made by people equally in love with melody and invention." The label is responsible for over 50 releases from artists from at least eight different countries, and has hosted numerous music and art events since its inception. (1996-2018)
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Wyld File was an American Multi Media team specializing in the production of music videos for interweb, DVD-ROMs and televisions. It began as a collab with Ben Jones and E*Rock making three video commissions for Beck, The Gossip, and Island. (2005-2010)
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Supernature was an ongoing dance party and live music monthly hosted by DJ BJ, DJ Copy and DJ E*Rock. (2008-2014)