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Spoiler Room

animated graphics with help from Corey Lunn and Dane Overton. (2020)

Music ︎︎︎ "Memory Card" by Lake Haze
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Music ︎︎︎ E*Rock (2015)

“The Loud Room”

Music ︎︎︎ E*Rock
From The Great Underground Empire cassette (2013)


Music ︎︎︎ E*Rock (2017)
From ECLIPSECORE a screening series and online exhibition organized by Rick Silva, featuring: Benson, Aaron Whitney Bjork, Peter Burr, Carl Burton, Steph Davidson, Zack Dougherty, Scott Gelber, The Great Nordic Sword Fights, Victoria Keddie, Light Hits, Eric Mast, Jillian Mayer, Rosa Menkman, Shana Moulton, Kate Parsons, Nicolas Sassoon, Yoshi Sodeoka, Eva Papamargariti, Sabrina Ratté, Alan Warburton, and more. Premiere screening in LA August 17th, and is co-organized with GHOSTING.TV and WOAHIS.US


Music ︎︎︎ Wet Ones (2014)


Music ︎︎︎ Ratatat (2004)